Installation training to guarantee quality!

High quality is what defines Maars products. It is on of our top priorities to deliver a product that stands out in quality, that is also what ensures high performances. A long life cycle is also guaranteed for all of Maars products which makes our products even more sustainable

  • Quality lies in all of our processes which starts with a design based on performances and sustainability.

There is one process in particular that makes a real difference when it comes to quality. That is the process of installation. Without a high-quality installation it is hard for any product to guarantee quality and high performances

  • Therefor we always put a lot of effort into hosting installation trainings.

An installation training is required for all Maars Dealers, installers and constructors and we always highly recommend to repeat these training on a regular basis.

During the past times it was hard to offer these trainings at our Headquarters like we were used to. It was a great pleasure again to have our first group of dealers present last week for their Installation Training. This group of German Dealers were also excited to refresh and boost their knowledge again!

At Maars we host Installation Trainings on a regular basis to guarantee the quality of installation on site and with that the quality and performances of our products. Reach out for more information!

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